Introducing the ONCOassist Enterprise Package

Our goal with ONCOassist has always been to make life easier for oncology professionals. That is why, since launching ONCOassist just over a year ago, we have been constantly updating ONCOassist based on feedback from our users.

One of the features we have been asked for most frequently is the ability to access institution specific oncology protocols and guidelines as part of ONCOassist. Not in PDF’s, but in an easy to access and interactive format.

Therefore, we decided to develop a guidelines and protocols engine to help institutions manage their local content. This system integrates with ONCOassist and allows clinicians access the key clinical content they need from their mobile devices.

Today we are officially launching this guidelines and protocols engine as part of the ONCOassist Enterprise Package.

Our ONCOassist Enterprise Package includes the following:

Integration of your institutions Guidelines and Protocols

We will use our engine to integrate your institutions guidelines and protocols and make them available to all your staff members. This will be in an easy to access and interactive format.We will also manage them on an ongoing basis to ensure all staff members have the most up to date version.

Free access to all of the current ONCOassist tools

To date we have integrated tools such as:

  • Adjuvant tools for lung and GIST cancer.
  • Prognostic Calculations.
  • Useful Formula’s.
  • CTCAE v4.0
  • A newsfeed with the most up to date information from the field of oncology.


Your institution gets free access to all of these tools as part of the enterprise package. Making these available at point of care saves clinicians time.

Free access to future tools

In the coming months we will be adding :

  • The AJCC staging content
  • Adjuvant tools for colon and breast cancer.
  • A tool to match patients with clinical trials in the area based on cancer type, geographic location and tumour gene mutation.
  • A favorites section so you can refer to the information you need to access most frequently.

These will also be free to staff members of your institution.

CE approval

All software we develop is CE approved. This means your institution’s enterprise version will be classified as a medical device and compliant with MHRA and IMB standards.

Analytics platform

It also includes an analytics platform to track usage within your institution, this will show you key usage trends.

Alerts to clinicians to show changes to guidelines

Staff will be alerted to changes in protocols and guidelines, meaning they can stay up to date on changes made to best practices.

Content management system

A system will be put in place to lock users out of older versions of the app to ensure no clinician is using an out of date version of the protocols and guidelines.

A version of ONCOassist specifically for your institution

We will create an app specifically for your institution and deploy it using the enterprise app store. Therefore, your app will be exclusively available to staff members of your trust.

Availability across multiple platforms (iOS, Android and Windows)

ONCOassist will be available across multiple platforms meaning all staff members will be able to access the enterprise version.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us on or call 00353217319541.

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